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Recovery Centered Living is committed to creating an environment that is built to hold space for people in recovery. Our homes secure a culture that allows for multiple pathways to help fill in the cracks that other traditional Sober Living may not have progressed to. We are a Medication Assisted Treatment advocate home. We support members in being self-directed and choosing an outside program (support group) of their choosing. Above all, we encourage each member to take actions that say they love themselves and others by having a high accountability home dedicated to taking actions of service and applying the practice of ethical and spiritual principles around all aspects of daily life. To witness the house members who truly see the importance of community in their stay, encourage learning of our model and growth from within to continue opening more homes and building new RCL partners to provide and further the ability to hold space for those seeking a new way of life in recovery.


The RCL vision is to create an environment for people with lived experience to be a part of a community, have a safe, sober, and spiritual place to call home. It is built to foster, nurture, and present the idea of using our past as our greatest assets.


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“RCL” was born out of the founder Slade Skaggs’ personal experience in and out of sober living throughout his active struggle against personal addiction for over 25 years. Geared toward helping men & women coming out of short-term and long-term treatment or those who have integrated a regular and routine practice for their walk-in recovery, Recovery Centered Living a safe, sober, clean, and spiritual environment to transition to when they discharge or when they find the need for community. Our recovery residences provide and create an environment where individuals are encouraged to take actions that say and show that those living a life in recovery not only love themselves but others as well as their community at large. All while learning to be productive members of society and improving their overall quality of life. Our unique recovery living model and recovery houses offer those who need help a peer-led environment where all included have lived through this life experience and inspire hope, strength, and courage in one another. Quite simply, those living in RCL houses take their rightful place in this sacred circle of healing and know that we are warriors laying down our shields and surrender to the beat of our heart, so we may become peaceful, forgiving, and truly productive members of society.



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